Losail Circuit Sports Club launched at the end of 2016 the Losail Training Days and after one and a half years later, it has turned into a major mass activity.

In partnership with the Qatar Sports Federation for All, Qatar Cyclists and recently Lexus, the Losail Training Days have been drawing about 300 enthusiasts in each session.

During a press conference held at Losail International Circuit on Wednesday, Khalid al Remaihi, Vice-President and General Manager of Losail Circuit Sports Club, said, “The growth
of the Losail Training Day has been incredible and we’re very pleased with the increasing popularity of this event.”

Also present during the press conference were Qatar Sports Federation For All President Abdulrahman Masalam al Dosari, QSFA Chief Executive Officer Ahmad al Ajme, Qatar Cyclists Director Dr Abdulaziz al Kuwari and Lexus Senior Marketing Manager Firas Mufti.

‘I think what we have achieved here is the milestone. The collaboration between different institutions and government houses to achieve the same goal because everyone plays their
part where they are specialized. As Losail, we are not specialized in cycling or preparing the training programs, but I have the opportunity to be a partner with the right people to deliver this full program to the community.’

‘What we would like to see in the future is to encourage more the people and one of our main issue now is the awareness for the people to know what we are offering and it is
available’ stated Al Remaihi ‘Initially, the plan was to have two training days in a month for ladies. But soon it became a very popular activity and as the demands for more such days started coming in, we host it every Tuesday from October last year,´ Remaihi added.

´We’re really very pleased to note that the number of female participants has been on the rise and there is a good percentage of Qatari ladies. We have high hopes that the number will
grow in this term with more awareness through our partners and sponsors,’ Al Remaihi said.

QSFA President, Abdulrahman Masalam Al Dosari is also pleased with the increase of the participation of cyclists in Qatar ‘ What we are seeing now in Qatar, this growth of cyclists,
encourages the Government to work together with the Ministry of Transportation and there is a committee headed by his Excellency Jassim Al Sulaiti and members from different
Ministries, MOCS is one of them, to have in all the new road and old road, a place for cycling and walking because we can see now how really it encourages most of our youth and kids
that want to participate in this sport. At the moment, more that 45km of cycling routes already exists in Qatar (Salwa Road, Old Airport, Al Shammal Highway)’ said Al Dosari.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al Kuwari, Director of Qatar Cyclists is very happy with the attendance and participation in the LTD ‘The number of the cyclists attending the Losail Training Days have
really increased and it goes up and down depending on the occasion but on most days, we have a very good number, it exceeds 250 up to 300 cyclists, sometimes even more and
people from different age group’ Al Kuwari said.

‘This success should be a role model in the country, collaboration between Qatar Cyclists, QSFA, Losail Circuit Sports Club and sponsors as Lexus taking the initiative to find out the
correct program they need to sponsor to add value to this community’ ended Al Kuwari.

Firas Mufti, Senior Marketing Manager of Lexus is very proud that Lexus is involved in this sport program ‘One of the main reasons why we sponsor events like this is because it adds to the overall objective and strategy of Lexus itself.’ said Mufti.

Talking about the upcoming National Sport Day, Remaihi said, “LCSC has planned wideranging activities to keep females and kids busy and entertained on February 13. We were
astounded last year during the NSD celebration as 1,440 females and children turned up at the track to participate in our event.

“This year, we have planned the NSD event at a grand scale and cover all the age demography and open only to females and kids (only over nine years of age allowed). There
will be a variety of activities for ladies as fitness classes, Zumba, kick boxing, karting, healthy workshop, express massage for ladies and more. For the kids, there will be karting, pedal
cars, Zumba, bouncy castles, boot camp and more. Activities will start at 8 am and finish at 5 pm. Except for the rent for bicycles, everything else will be provided free of cost. We’re also having food stalls so nobody will have to go home when feeling hungry,” Remaihi added.