Saeed Al Sulati and Mishal Al Naimi shared the victories in the fifth round of the Qatar Superstock 600 and the championship will be decided in the last round.

In the first race, Mashel Al Naimi started in front of the grid but Saeed Al Sulaiti did a good start and lead the race during the first two laps.
Al Sulaiti tried to create a gap but Al Naimi was very close to him and in the third lap Al Naimi managed to pass him but he lead only for one lap, as in the fourth lap, Al Sulaiti recovered again the first position
In the ninth lap, Al Sulaiti pushed and created a gap of 0.450 ahead of Al Naimi as he knew that Al Naimi is faster in the straight line and he reduces the gap
Finally, Al Sulaiti crossed the checkered flag 0.154 in front of Al Naimi.
‘I am really happy. I had a good start as I recover the superpole from yesterday but Mishal was really fast. I tried to create a gap but he is really fast in the straight line, his top speed was really impressive and he recovered everything in the straight line. He overtook me and tried to create the gap but he made a small mistake and I passed him in the fourth lap. I take the lead from there and when I saw two laps to go I tried to create a gap so he couldn’t catch me in the straight line. I am very happy with this win and thanks to Ooredoo for their support and also thank to QMMF and LCSC for this championship’ said Al Sulaiti after the first race.
Al Naimi started the race with no tyre warmer in the front and that made him be slower in the race ‘ I started with no tyre warmer in the front of the bike and from the beginning I tried to push to keep the tyre more warm in the first three laps, but after the fourth lap I felt something wrong in the front tyre. I tried to push, we made a good rhythm but Saeed was fast and he didn’t do any mistake. Happy to be second but in the second race I try to win the race as Saeed is increasing the gap in the championship. Many thanks to my sponsors,
Ooredoo and to QMMF and LCSC for this championship’ Al Naimi stated.
Nasser Al Malki started the race in third position in the grid and he finished in third place with gap of 13.971 ahead of Al Sulaiti.
‘The race was quite good, in the start I lost a lot in the beginning as Abdullah overtook me in the first corner and make me slower to reach Mishal and Saeed and when I passed Abdullah it was already a big gap to catch the front. Now the bike is better with the last set up I did in the suspension and I am faster’ said Al Malki.
Abdullah Al Qubaisi and Fahad Al Sowaidi had a tough battle during the whole race. The young Qatari rider Al Qubaisi was riding in fourth place almost during all the race and in the tenth lap, Al Sowaidi passed Al Qubaisi, but just in the last corners of the last lap, Al Qubaisi managed to pass Al Sowaidi and ended in fourth place.
In the second race, Mishal Al Naimi knew that he had to push to the limit and win the race to get as many points and do not let Saeed to create more gap in the championship standings.
From the start of the race, Al Naimi took the lead of the race and lap by lap he increased the difference ahead of Saeed and managed to win the race by 8.076.
‘I tried to pushed from the beginning but in this race I changed the set up of the bike and it was better. I was faster and I made gap with Saeed in the firsts laps and lap by lap I increased the difference. At the end I didn’t feel confidence with the bike and I didn’t push too much in order not to make any mistake. I am very happy with this win and let’s see in the final round if we can win and get the championship’ Al Naimi said after race 2.
Al Sulaiti tried to follow Al Naimi but he had a problem with his bike and in the first lap he almost crashed and that made him loosing time.
‘The start was not bad, unfortunately form the beginning I felt something wrong, the throttle was not very clean, it was cutting some times and in the corner five of the first lap I had almost a highside and I was going to crash. I tried to keep the rhythm and catch Mishal but with this bike it was not possible. In general I am happy with the race, to finished second and keep the points to still lead the championship’ said Al Sulaiti.
Al Malki finished again third in the podium.
In the second race, the battle for the fourth position was between Abdulla Al Qubaisi, Fahad Al Sowaidi and Ali Al Shammari and at the end Al Qubaisi got the fourth position.
With today results, Al Sulaiti is keeping the 5 points gap ahead of Al Naimi. Al Sulaiti is 210 and Al Naimi 205.
Nasser Al Malki is third with 169 and Abdullah Al Qubaisi fourth with 120 points.
Trophies were presented by QMMF President Mr. Abdulrahman Al Mannai and Mr. Khalid Al Remaihi, LCSC Vice President and General Manager.
The sixth and last round of the championship will be on the 19th and 20th May.