Qatar’s rider Mashel Al Naimi got his third pole position of the season and will start tomorrow in front of the grid.

From the 9 riders that took part in the Superpole 2, Al Naimi was the fastest rider with a time of 2:05.225. In the Superpole 1, Jassim Al Thani and Soud Al Thani were the two riders promoted to participate in the Superpole 2.
‘I didn’t expect my lap time so slow, it is slower than before, I tried to do 2:04 but I don’t know what happened today. The bike is still new, I did only 300km I have to use it more to make the engine better because I have a problem in the beginning with the throttle, the bike has no power at the beginning. I will try tomorrow to push to win both races, I fell not so bad but in the warm up I will try to change something in the set up’ Al Naimi said.
Saeed Al Sulaiti will start from the second place on the grid as he did a laptime of 2:05.401 in the Superpole 2.
‘In the free practices we made some changes in the set up to see if we can adapt the bike and make it better for this conditions, a lot of heat and they were very good, we were leading the first 2 practices but unfortunately in the Qualifying , after two laps I felt I am losing the front, I felt a lot of bumping in the front and when the session ended up we discovered that the tyre pressure went really low, almost mid way because there is some leak in the reem and let’s try to avoid this for tomorrow and race for the win’ said Al Sulaiti.
The winner of last race, Nasser Al Malki, was the third rider in the Superpole 2, 2:05.828. Al Malki was happy with his performance during the sessions as his lap timing were better than last rounds ‘I made some changes in the bike, I fixed the problem as I changed something in the suspension and now the bike is working better and I feel the bike. I can do better laptimings now and I am there almost. I am still working on the set up to be more faster and hope to get good points and results in this round’ commented Al Malki.
Regarding the fifth round of the Qatar Touring Car Championship, in the Free Practice session, the fastest driver was Mahmoud Al Khalaf with a lap time of 2:28.559. Al Khalaf was very happy with his performance today ‘My car is really good today, I had no issue and I am very happy with my timings. I hope tomorrow I can keep the same and I will try to fight for the victory’ said Al Khalaf.
The leader of the championship, Abdulla Al Khelaifi only managed to do the second-best time, 2:28.634 ‘Free Practice was not as expected. Temperatures were hot and only managed to do 3 clean laps. I thought Isecured pole position but Mahmoud broke my lap time by 0.1 seconds and unfortunately there was no time to go out again’ stated Abdullah.
‘I will try to get a good launch tomorrow and pass him to build a gap between me and Mansour as soon as possible’ added Abdullah
Omran Karama did the third best time, 2:28.995 in the Free Practice session. ‘The FP went well, only the weather is bad, as it is very hot but anyway, the car looks fine after the accident in the last race and my team did a great job to fix it on time and I am ready for tomorrow’ said Omran.
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