Qatar’s Abdullah Al Khelaifi was crowned the Qatar Touring Car Championship Champion this weekend withtotal points of 168 in the final standings.

In the first race of the last round, Mahmoud Al Khalaf took the victory and he secured the third overallposition in the standings.

Al Khalaf started from the third place on the grid and he kept this position until the seventh lap, when hemanaged to passed Mansour Al Hajri and be in second place.Just two laps to go, Al Khelaifi, he had a problem with his car, oil leaking from the differential and in the 8th laphe had to abandon the race, so Al Khalaf lead the race until the end, crossing the checkered flag with a gap of3.130 in front of Al Hajri who came second.Al Khalaf was very happy with his win at the end of race 1 ‘I am very happy to win this race as I secure now thethird place in the standings as I closed the gap with Omran. I am very thankful to QMMF and LCSC forsupporting this championship.

I feel bad from Omran and Abdulah that couldn’t have finished the race andhopefully they are back for the second race’ Al Khalaf said.Mansour Al Hajri, who finished second, was happy to be back on the podium ‘Finally, I am back on the podiumagain.

This is my first season and I learnt a lot, I learned not to change things before the race, I should do it inTrack Days and test my car in the testing days. Overall, I am very happy, the car is back to the same rhythmand I am in the right path again’ said Al Hajri.The third place was for Saadon Al Kuwari, who started from the back of the grid and finally managed to end inthe podium ‘For me, it was very bad race, the car was not good, something happened with the car as it ismuch slower than in the last race, I hope we can do something for the next race. But third position is good, itcame to me as a gift as some drivers were out. Hopefully for the next season I can start from the beginningwith good car and a big competition’ commented Al Kuwari.

In the second race, with the reverse grid, Abdullah Al Khelaifi had a great start and by the third lap he wasalready leading the race. Al Khelaifi managed to fix his car and with no problems, he crossed the checkeredflag in front of Mahmoud Al Khalaf by 5.007.‘It is great to be back on podium.
I had a great start and was in a long battle for first position with Mahmoudas he was faster in some sectors and slower in the others.

I kept closing on him but he always managed topass me on the straights, but finally I managed to finished in first place.

I was lucky to finish first overall andsecure the championship before these two races’ commented the QTCC winner.Al Khalaf finished in second position and Mansour Al Hajri ended again in the podium in a third place.Mansour Al Hajri finished the championship with 148 points and he was very happy with this result being thefirst time that he competes in this championship ‘In the beginning of the race two I had a nice battle withMahmoud, Abdulla, and Saadon due to the reverse grid.

Then we all settled in our position. The weather wasreally hot. The third position was Ok for me to secure second place in the championship. It was a nice endingfor the championship’ said Mansour.‘I would like to congratulate the champion of the season Abdulla Al Khulaifi, it was a pleasure racing withhim. This is my first car racing championship and I learned a lot, I will try to do it better next year.

I would alsolike to invite and encourage more drivers to participate in this great Championship’ added Mansour.‘I would also like to thank QMMF and the President Mr. Abdurahman Al Mannai for all the support he gave usbefore and during the championship’ ended Manosur.In the final standings, Abdullah Al Khelafi ends the championship with 168 points. Mansour Al Hajri with 148points finishes second and Mahmoud Al Khalaf finishes with 127 points, only 2 points more than OmranKarama that gets 125 points.Trophies were presented by Mr. Abdulrahman Al Mannai, QMMF President and Mr. Abdulrazak Al Kuwari,QMMF General Secretary.