Qatar’s Mishal Al Naimi and Saeed Al Sulaiti share victories again in another thrilling races during the third round of Qatar Superstock 600.

In the first race of the day, Qatar’s Saeed Al Sulati took the lead of the race and managed to keep the first position until the last lap. Unfortunately for him, in the last lap, there were a lot of slow riders in front of him and he made a mistake, he went wide and Mishal Al Naimi took this opportunity to overtake him and won the race.

At the end Saeed Al Sulaiti came in second place and the 17 years old Balint Kovacs from Hungary took his first podium of the season and finished in third position.

In the second race, Al Naimi pushed very hard during the first two laps, doing the best lap time of this race but he couldn’t keep the rhythm and Al Sulaiti passed him in the third lap , taking the victory.

Al Naimi finished second and Nasser Al Malki third in the second race.

Regarding the QSTK Trophy category, Essa Al Mutawa took both victories and Soud Al Thani and Jassim Al Thani finished second and third respectively also in both races.

Al Naimi was very happy at the end of the day ‘Happy the overall result of this weekend. Race one was very good , in the last lap when Saeed made a mistake in the first corner, I passed him. When I passed him, there were a lot of slow riders in front of us we rode very slowly last lap. I am lucky as when I passed him there were slow riders and I took advantage and I could create a small gap’ said Al Naimi ‘In the second race, I pushed too much from the first two laps and I felt pain in my arm and then I realized I made a mistake to push so hard from the beginning. Then I thought to stay in second place to secure the podium.

Thanks to Ooredoo for the support and QMMF and Losail International Circuit’ ended Al Naimi.

After the two races, Al Sulaiti is leading again the championship, four points ahead of Al Naimi.

‘The first race was crazy, with Abdullah and Nasser around. It was tough to overtake them and it was a bit risky.

I managed to overtake them in the second lap and from there I lead the whole race until the last lap, maintaining the gap between me and the rider behind me. In the middle of the race, I noticed that it was Mishal who was behind me and I tried to run away but it was tough. In the last two laps, unfortunately overlapping the slow riders made it really difficult and in the last lap I made a mistake in corner one where Mishal overtook me. I went a bit wide and tried to get the position but again I had to overtake more slow riders. In the last corner it was my last chance, I overtook more riders but I at the end I came in second place’ said Al Sulaiti.

‘In the second race, I had a very good start but Mishal lead the two laps and he was very fast, but I knew that in some point he would reduce the rhythm as he is really good to make good timings in the beginning. I just kept my rhythm and manage to overtake him in the fourth lap and then I decided to go and after mid race, I had a 4 seconds lead, so take it easy and finish the race safety and go back to the championship.Great thanks to Ooredoo for their support and QMMF and LCSC for the championship’ ended Al Sulaiti.

Hungarian 17 years old, Balint Kovacs was very happy to get his first podium ‘I am really happy to finally get a podium in this championship. Hope that we can keep the same performance in the coming rounds’ Qatar’s Nasser Al Malki was not happy at all with his performance in the first race ‘I am half happy and not happy because in the first race I lost the brake in the second lap and I just finished the race without brake.

Second race was good at the beginning, I am very close but I am not in the good condition to follow them. I have something to fix to be faster, I am stocked in something and hope to fix it to have better results in round fourth’ said Al Malki.

The QSTK Trophy winner in both races, Essa Al Mutawa was very pleased with his victory ‘ I am very happy to win both races and hope to keep like this in the coming rounds. I am going to do some training in the coming weeks to be better for the next round during MotoGP. Many thanks to QMMF and LCSC for the organization and support on this championship¡’ said Al Mutawa.

After the third round, Soud Al Thani is leading his category by 10 points in front of Essa Al Mutawa ‘ First race was amazing, the level was very high, much higher than the last round. We pushed and went for a better lap time, pace was perfect and overall time was very good. Second race, after six laps I was finished but I am lucky to be again in the podium, leading the championship and keep it like that’ said Al Thani after second race.

Jassim Al Thani had a close battle with Soud Al Thani but he finished third in both races ‘In both races I was fighting with Soud, in the first race I wasn’t close enough but in the second race I was really close to him, I overtook him two times but I stayed behind as I wanted to learn. In the last two laps , he pushed and went away
and hopefully next race I have another chance to win.

Trophies were presented by Mr. Abdulrazak Al Kuwari (QMMF General Secretary).

The fourh round of Qatar Superstock Championship will take place during the Grand Prix of Qatar – MotoGP on 16th and 17th March